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7.  We are a family operated business! Call now and we will answer ALL of your garage flooring questions! 281-849-3070 CALL NOW!

8.  We conform to the Joint Surface Preparation Standards recommend by Sherwin Williams. These engineering standards outline concrete preparation requirements that must be followed to ensure that epoxy will stick to concrete.


14.  The Houston Garage Floors van is covered in epoxy to demonstrate that our floors are water tight and do not peel or wash off in high pressure car washes! Your floor can be washed off with the ease of a water hose!  

"We didn't invent the garage floor, we just packaged it" TM


12.  Houston Garage Floors is a Proud Sponsor of God's Garage!

 God's Garage fixes cars for the widows of US veterans for free! $25 of your purchase will go to God's Garage in Greater North Houston (Conroe Tx) for every floor we install the entire month of December 2017! God's Garage has a list of over 70 women who are waiting for your help! Your floors installation during the month of Christmas will put $25 towards a widows car repair so that she can get back on the road during the month of Thanksgiving! Find out more on NBC Nightly News and The People Hero of the Week!

9.  We warranty our floors against hot tire pickup, even where your tires turn, for one full year! No Deductible!

10.  We have a $1 Million Dollar General Liability Policy thru Farmers Insurance that protects you and your property!  Make sure you hire a company that has a viable insurance policy for the sake of your investment!  Feel free to contact Kimberley Hastings or Rudy Gonzalez with Farmers Insurance to verify our Liability Coverage!  khastings@farmersagent.com or rgonzalez@kimhastingsagency.com with Farmers Insurance: (281) 369-4711


11.  For God!  Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for people."  I believe in this passage, so it gives me great joy to install your garage floor!

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13.  We respect your driveway and always use tarps to cover the working area!

3. We Fill ALL Cracks on Packages #2 & Package #3 up to 1" Wide! 

WOW!!! NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! A $350 Value!

4.  We literally wrote TheBookonGarageFloors.com to demonstrate our capacity!

Because if you can not explain something then you probably do not understand it.

5."We didn't invent the garage floor, we just packaged it!" TM

That's Right!  Before we started installing garage floors there were no garage flooring packages to choose from! So we put together all the things you need to make a great looking garage floor and we packaged it for you! 

6. We always tape your lower walls or baseboards to create sharp crisp lines!

1. We always diamond grind your garage floor and never acid wash which can burn your driveway permanently when being washed off the garage floor and down the driveway. Acid washing is not recommended because having water inside your concrete that could potentially rise upwards in the form of vapor is a problem you want to avoid, not create.

2.  Houston Garage Floors is #1 in Garage Floors because that is all we do!   See what real-life customers have said about our work at places like Facebook & Yelp! & Google!




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