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Armorseal Package


Sherwin Williams Armorseal  High Solids Polyurethane

Sherwin Williams Tile Clad High Solids Epoxy

& Commercial Grade Floor Grinding

Our Normal Pricing for a 2 Car Garage is $1,095 (up to 400 sq ft) and $1,645 for a 3 Car Garage (up to 600 sq ft) and $3.50 per ft thereafter, but with a cash or check discount it is only $995 for 2 Car Garages (up to 400 sq ft) and $1,495 for 3 Car Garages (up to 600 sq ft) and $3.25 per sq ft thereafter. This package includes Diamond Grinding Floor Preparation (or sanding of existing floor coating), Commercial Grade Sherwin Williams 2 Part Tile Clad High Solids Epoxy, followed by Commercial Grade Sherwin Williams Armorseal High Solids 2-Part Polyurethane. This Package is available in your choice of Tan or Grey. Chips Not Included. Crack Filling Not Included. Only suitable for smooth floors with no cracks. For rough floors and/or those with cracks this package (without an upgrade to 100% solids) is not available because this package does not come with enough coating to cover rough floors or hide the cracks (even though they have been filled) because the crack filling will still be evident as this is a thin set floor system that dries to only approximately 7-8 mils thick. Adding 100% solids at 12 mils thick after the primers and before the urethane gives you an approximately 20 mil thick floor which is thick enough to cover most rough floors and those with cracks. To upgrade to 100% solids add $1.70 per sq ft to the cost of this package. Heavy Chip floors are ideal for very rough floors and those with big cracks because the chips create an optical illusion referred to as being homogeneous so that the filled cracks are unnoticeable and the floor looks relatively level to the naked eye. This No Chip Flooring package takes 24 hours before you can walk on the floor and 72 hours before you can drive on it. For a floor that dries faster and automatically comes with free crack filling (up to 1 inch wide and unlimited length) see the Heavy Chip Package which can be walked on in 2 hours and driven on in 12 hours. 

The Armorseal No Chip Package Includes:

-Real Diamond Blade Grinding Floor Preparation
-Primer Coat of Sherwin Williams Tile Clad Epoxy at 8 mils thick
-Top Coat of Armorseal High Solids 2-Part Polyurethane at 7 mils thick
-Your Choice of Tan or Grey
-1 Year No-Peel Warranty

-No Crack Filling. No Chips

(This floor package is only suitable for smooth concrete floors.)

(Floors with very hard concrete subject to additional cost on this package.)

Only $995.00 Installed!  For 2 Car Garages (Up to 400 Sq Ft)
Only $1,495.00 Installed!  For 3 Car Garages (Up to 600 Sq Ft)

(With Cash/Check Discount)
Additional Square Footage is charged at only $3.25 per ft
​ (With Cash Discount)

Normal Pricing is Only $1,095 Installed! For 2 Car Garages (Up to 400 Sq Ft)

And Only $1,645 Installed! For 3 Car Garages (Up to 600 Sq Ft)

Additional Square footage is charged at only $3.50 per ft

See The Heavy Chip Package on

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