Do you want a little bit of chips in your floor?

We also offer a Partial Chip Floor Package...


No Chip

Armorseal Package


Sherwin Williams Armorseal  High Solids Polyurethane Top Coat

Sherwin Williams Tile Clad High Solids Epoxy Primer

& Commercial Grade Floor Grinding

This package includes Diamond Grinding Floor Preparation (or sanding of existing floor coating), Commercial Grade Sherwin Williams 2 Part Tile Clad High Solids Epoxy, followed by Commercial Grade Sherwin Williams Armorseal High Solids 2-Part Polyurethane. This package is available in your choice of Tan or Grey. Chips Not Included. Crack and Hole Filling Not Included. Only suitable for smooth floors with no cracks because this floor package does not come with enough coating to hide cracks. 24 hour dry time for foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicles and heavy traffic.

The Partial Chip Polyaspartic Urethane Floor Package

2 Car Garages $1,900(up to 400 ft) $4.75 per ft thereafter

3 Car Garages $2,850(up to 600 ft) $4.75 per ft thereafter


-Real Diamond Blade Grinding Floor Preparation

-Crack and Light Hole Filling
-Sherwin Williams 100% Solids Polyaspartic Urethane at 8 mils thick in Tan or Grey

-A light or medium distribution of decorative chips in your choice of our Color Blends
-Sherwin Williams 100% Solids Polyaspartic Urethane at 7 mils thick in Clear Coat

-Typically a 1 Day Install

-Only Wait 2 Hours Before Walking on this Package and 12 Hours for Vehicles!
-Polyaspartic is Stronger than Epoxy, Sticks Better and is Flexible which means it resists cracking unlike epoxy.

-See pictures and videos here!

-1 Year No Peel Warranty

-Veterans Take 3% OFF!

-Credit Cards Subject to a 5% Convenience Fee


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armorseal garage floor package


Veterans Take 3% OFF!

Only The Best!

Residential & Commercial!


High Quality Epoxy Garage Floors Since 2003


The Armorseal No Chip Package Includes:

-Real Diamond Blade Grinding Floor Preparation
-Primer Coat of Sherwin Williams Tile Clad Epoxy at 8 mils thick
-Top Coat of Armorseal High Solids 2-Part Polyurethane at 7 mils thick
-Your Choice of Tan or Grey
-1 Year No-Peel Warranty

-No Crack Filling. No Chips

(This floor package is only suitable for smooth concrete floors.)

(Floors with very hard concrete subject to additional cost on this package.)

Only $995.00 Installed!  For 2 Car Garages (Up to 400 Sq Ft) (Save $405)
Only $1,495.00 Installed!  For 3 Car Garages (Up to 600 Sq Ft) (Save $605)
Additional Square Footage is charged at only $3.50 per ft

Credit Cards Subject to a 5% Convenience Fee

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