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A "franchise" is a straw-company that does not belong in your garage flooring business transaction. A "franchise" is designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to protect a "Brand Name" from having to honor a warranty thru legal theft. Here is an example: We are forced to buy cars from a local franchise like Joe Myers or Planet Ford or Fred Haas because the Brands like Ford, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, etc are too cunning and are not willing to take the financial responsibility for your products warranty, so they have a burn company sell you the car. So that if the cost of fixing your car is too much the brand will simply have the "franchise" tell you that you are not covered under warranty. Dealerships and Warranty Companies are therefore Straw Companies that are designed to burn (protect the Brand from financial responsibility.) Depending upon the type of car you want to buy it may be a necessary evil to purchase it thru a dealership, but it is not a necessary evil to purchase your garage floor from "Some Obscure Service Company" doing business as "Big Brand Garage Flooring Company."  Never buy a garage floor from a franchise because the straw company is actually who you are legally doing business with and not the Big Brand. The straw company which is always "Some Obscure Service Company" holds responsibility for your warranty and not the Big Brand. The service company will always go out of business so that the Big Brand can live on and take more people's money with a clean slate every time they make a franchisee (straw company) go bankrupt. So whenever possible avoid buying thru franchises, because they are designed for failure. We are not a franchise that is bought and sold like a subway store. We honor our warranty.

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