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A "franchise" is a straw-company that does not belong in your garage flooring business transaction. A "franchise" is designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to protect a "Brand Name" from having to honor a warranty thru legal theft. Here is an example: We are forced to buy cars from a local car franchise like Joe Myers or Planet Ford or Fred Haas Toyota because the Big Brands like Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, etc are too cunning and are not willing to take the financial responsibility for your new car and its warranty, so they create a franchise to sell you their car so that if the cost of fixing your car is too much the Big Brand will simply have the "local franchise" tell you that you are not covered under warranty. This saves the Big Brand from financial responsibility and prevents them from getting a bad review online. When was the last time you found a place on the internet to leave Ford or BMW a bad review? There isn't one. You can only leave the franchise a bad review because there is no google ad listing for the Big Brands. Therefore whenever possible avoid buying thru franchises, because they are designed for failure.

The same applies for companies with a "non disparagement clause" in their contract. You will find this clause in all of our major competitors contracts but not ours. This clause prevents the customers of our competitors from leaving them bad reviews online even if our competitor does a bad job or does not honor their warranty. If someone leaves them a bad review the epoxy flooring company will simply have their attorney threaten them with a lawsuit and the review is quickly taken down. We do not believe in "non disparagement clauses" because it only creates a mechanism for legal theft. Companies with these types of clauses can do bad work and not honor their own warranty with no fear of recourse. Additionally it creates artificially high online reviews because the bad reviews are quickly retracted after the threat of a lawsuit. Make sure that an epoxy flooring company does not tie your hands with a non disparagement clause. We recommend going to RipOffReport.com and checking to see if anyone has been ripped off by a company before you hire them. We believe in people helping people not in ripping them off.

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