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Our Heavy Chip Floors are made from High Performance Urethane because epoxy is weaker, does not stick as well, is not as flexible, stains easier, and turns yellowish after a few months (as seen in the picture above.) The above picture is of grey epoxy and grey urethane side-by-side of the same exact color after 6 months. Both of the floors have the same clear urethane on top to demonstrate that clear coating epoxy will not stop it from yellowing. The grey epoxy on the left turned a dull yellow but the grey urethane on the right stayed the same color and still matches the grey chips. This is because epoxy ambers (turns yellow) naturally because epoxy is a non-crystalline substance which means that the molecules in epoxy are NOT arranged in an orderly manner, opposed to urethane which has molecules that ARE arranged in an orderly manner. Products with molecules that are NOT arranged in an orderly manner like epoxy are weaker, do not stick as well, stain easily, turn yellow, brake down in the light which is called UV degradation, and also crack easily instead of flexing like urethane does. Plus High Performance Urethane can be installed in a single day and driven on in 8 hours unlike epoxy which takes 5 days! Epoxy is ok for warehouses or machine shops where people do not care about looks, strength, adhesion, staining, yellowing, flexibility, or a long life. Epoxy in this manner is much more similar to paint than it is to urethane as paint and epoxy are both non-crystalline materials and have relatively the same cost per gallon compared to urethane which is about twice the price. However, you as a consumer will not save 50% on the price of an inferior epoxy floor because you will be spending twice as much money on labor to install it since it takes 2 days to install epoxy vs 1 day for urethane. This is because epoxy requires an overnight dry before you can scrape the chips which must be done before clear coating it. So if you choose epoxy you will not only be getting an inferior product but you will also be taking that cost savings that you got with an inferior product and be giving it back to the company installing your floor for the privilege of letting them waste two of your days on an installation (instead of 1) plus 3 more days before you can drive on your floor or put heavy objects back on it (for a total time wasted of 5 days with epoxy) instead of our urethane floors which can be walked on in 2 hours and driven on in 8 hours after a 1 day installation! Therefore you have two totally different choices when making your decision on what type of floor to install. You can choose an inferior and weaker product like epoxy that yellows rapidly, cracks, is much weaker, stains easily and burns up 5 days of your precious life before you can get back on your floor, or you can choose our High Performance Urethane Floor that only takes 1 day! When Can We Start?


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    The Heavy Chip Package Includes:

  • Floor preparation by real diamond blade grinding (The Golden Standard)
  • ALL Crack Filling included up to 1 inch wide & UNLIMITED LENGTH! A $350 VALUE!
  • Sherwin Williams 100% Solids General Polymers 2-Part Urethane at 10 mils thick in your choice of Grey or Tan! 100% Solids is the Thickest Type of Coating! 

  • A Full Saturation of Sherwin Williams Decorative Chips in your choice of 7 different chip blends! We use 75 pounds of chips for a 2 car garage which is 75x times thicker than the 1 pound of chips that comes in a Garage Floor Box Kit!

  • Clear 100% Solids General Polymers 2-Part Urethane topcoat at 10 mils thick! Ready for foot traffic in 2 hours and full use including vehicles in 8 hours! Yes, you can drive your car or truck on the floor in 8 hours from the time we apply the clear topcoat Guaranteed! 

  • 1 Year No-Peel Warranty that INCLUDES Hot Tire Pickup and Tire Turning! 

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​​​​​​100% Solids at 10 mils thick + crack filling +
heavy chips + 10 mils of urethane clear coat!

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This is our Residential Sale Pricing

2 Car - $2,100 up to 400 sq ft (This is $280 OFF List Price!) 

3 Car - $3,150 up to 600 sq ft (This is $420 OFF List Price!)

$5.50 per sq ft thereafter

This is our Residential Sale Pricing with a Cash or Check Discount

2 Car - $1,995 up to 400 sq ft (This is $385 OFF List Price!)

3 Car - $2,995 up to 600 sq ft (This is $575 OFF List Price!)

$5.25 per sq ft thereafter

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Details on The Heavy Chip Floor Package: This flooring package is typically completed in one day on garage floors up to 3 cars but inclement weather could prolong the project time as we can not apply coatings during rain. The floor can be driven on with cars or trucks in 8 hours from the time we finish your installation GUARANTEED! This also means you can put your big shelving system, refrigerator or anything else on the floor in 8 hours. We grind the floor first in order to create a Concrete Surface Profile so that the coating will have something to grip onto (this is what makes the coating stick.) Then we do light hole filling and fill all cracks up to 1" (one inch) wide no matter how long they are, and no matter how many you have! No Extra Charge for Cracks on this floor ($350 Value!) Then we coat the floor and the sidewalls with GP4850 2-Part Urethane by Sherwin Williams at 10 mils thick instead of epoxy because it sticks 141% better (425 psi vs 300 psi) and because it is 181% stronger than epoxy (6,400 psi vs 3,527 psi tensile strength) and because it does not yellow like epoxy floors naturally do. While the first coat of urethane is still wet we apply your choice of 7 Different Blends of Sherwin Williams Decorative Chips onto the floor until it is fully saturated. Our full saturation of chips give your floor a deep and uniform appearance and can help deflect attention away from uneven or wavy concrete. We coat but do not chip or patch the sidewalls on this package unless you would like to pay for chips on the sides which is $250 for standard 2 car garages and $500 for standard 3 car garages. After the first coat dries we scrape the floor, vacuum up the loose chips, and install 10 mils of GP4850 2-Part Clear Urethane onto the floor and onto the sidewalls. This floor is ready for foot traffic in 2 hours and vehicles in 8 hours from the time we install the clear coat. Yes, you can park your truck on the floor in 8 hours from the time we finish.  This package is typically a 1 day installation. This finished flooring package is 3 layers thick! Front lip not included. Front Section on driveway not included. Call or Text 281-849-3070 to Get Started!


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