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Details on The Heavy Chip Floor Package: This flooring package is typically completed in one day on garage floors up to 3 cars but inclement weather could prolong the project time as we can not apply coatings during rain. The floor can be driven on with cars or trucks in 12 hours from the time we finish your installation GUARANTEED! This also means you can put your big shelving system, refrigerator or anything else on the floor in 12 hours. We grind the floor first in order to create a Concrete Surface Profile so that the coating will have something to grip onto (this is what makes the coating stick.) Then we do light hole filling and fill all cracks up to 1" (one inch) wide! No Extra Charge for Cracks on this floor ($350 Value!) Then we coat the floor and the sidewalls with GP4850 2-Part Urethane by Sherwin Williams at 10 mils thick instead of epoxy because it sticks 141% better (425 psi vs 300 psi adhesion strength) and because it is 181% stronger than epoxy (6,400 psi vs 3,527 psi tensile strength) and because it is flexible unlike epoxy which is important if your concrete cracks move or if your concrete develops more cracks in the future. This is why epoxy often cracks and shatters. While the first coat of urethane is still wet we apply your choice of 5 Different Blends of Sherwin Williams Decorative Chips onto the floor until it is fully saturated. Our full saturation of chips give your floor a deep and uniform appearance and can help deflect attention away from uneven or wavy concrete. We coat but do not chip or patch the sidewalls on this package unless you would like to pay for chips on the sides which is $250 for standard 2 car garages and $500 for standard 3 car garages. After the first coat dries we scrape the floor, vacuum up the loose chips, and install 10 mils of GP4850 2-Part Clear Urethane onto the floor and onto the sidewalls. This floor is ready for foot traffic in 2 hours and vehicles in 12 hours from the time we install the clear coat. Yes, you can walk on the floor in 2 hours from the time we finish.  This package is typically a 1 day installation. This finished flooring package is 3 layers thick! Front lip not included. Front Section on driveway not included. Call or Text 281-849-3070 to Get Started!

heavy chip package 

The above picture is of an epoxy and urethane floor side by side of the same exact color after 6 months. The grey urethane on the right still matches the chips while the grey epoxy on the left is dull and yellowish. This is because epoxy ambers naturally since it is not a crystalline material like polyaspartic urethane. Materials like polyaspartic urethane which are crystalline have molecules that are arranged in an orderly manner which makes them stronger, stick better, UV stable (non-yellowing), and flexible so that they do not crack like epoxy. Epoxy is not flexible, which means it is not ideal to put on concrete floors that have cracks because when the concrete cracks move they may force the brittle epoxy on top to buckle and flake directly above the crack. (Watch this demonstrated in a video on our Youtube Channel Here.) Polyaspartic Urethane is stronger than epoxy, it sticks better than epoxy, it doesn't yellow like epoxy and it doesn't crack like epoxy. Plus urethane floors can be installed in 1 day from start to finish and be walked on in 2 hours and driven on in 12 hours after the installation so that you don't have to leave you stuff outside for 3-4 days like epoxy. Houston Garage Floors Polyaspartic Urethane Floors are Better, Faster and Stronger than epoxy floors! 


    Our (Very) Heavy Chip Package Includes:

  • Floor preparation by real diamond blade grinding (The Golden Standard)
  • ALL Crack Filling included up to 1 inch wide & UNLIMITED LENGTH! A $350 VALUE!
  • Sherwin Williams 100% Solids Polyaspartic 2-Part Urethane at 10 mils thick in your choice of Grey or Tan! 100% Solids is the Thickest Type of Coating and this Urethane is Stronger that Epoxy (6,400 psi vs 3,527 psi) and Sticks Better than Epoxy (425 psi vs 300 psi) and it is flexible unlike epoxy so that it won't crack like brittle epoxy over existing cracks or when new concrete cracks develop! Watch the Video!

  • A Full Saturation of Sherwin Williams Brand of Decorative Chips in your choice of 5 different chip blends! We use over 75 pounds of chips (15 gallons) for a 2 car garage so that there are chips on the inside of the coating and not just on the top like the competition! Our floors are so thick we literally have to use snow shovels to pickup the remainder of the chips after the floor is dry! WATCH THE VIDEO! A thicker floor is a longer lasting floor!

  • Clear 100% Solids Polyaspartic 2-Part Urethane topcoat at 10 mils thick! That is OVER 3X thicker than the competition! 75% of the competition uses Sherwin Williams Rexthane Clear Coat which can only be applied at 2-3 dry mils MAX! After Rexthane dries it is only 2-3 mils thick! We apply Sherwin Williams Polyaspartic Urethane at 10 dry mils thick! That means you get 10 mils after it dries. This means our floors last at least 3X longer because they come with over 3X more clear coating. Once your clear coating is gone the chips below will stain immediately because they are porous unlike clear coating so make sure you get 10 dry mils of Polyaspartic Urethane for a long lasting floor! Polyaspartic Urethane does not yellow like Polyurea Urethane which is what the other 25% of the competition uses. Polyaspartic Urethane is a type of Polyurea Urethane that has gone thru a chemical process to have the unsaturated benzene rings removed so that it does not react in the light (yellow) like cheaper polyurea does. We use the VERY BEST! This floor is ready for foot traffic in 2 hours and full use including vehicles in 12 hours! Yes, you can drive your car or truck on the floor in 12 hours from the time we apply the clear top coat on this floor!  No need to wait 3 days like epoxy!

  • 1 Year No-Peel Warranty that INCLUDES Hot Tire Pickup and Tire Turning! 

    ​Download the Chip Colors Here

​​​​​​100% Solids at 10 mils thick + crack filling +
heavy chips + 10 mils of urethane clear coat
3x the clear coat vs competition


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