Class of 2000!

Cypress Creek High School!

 Hi! My name is Donald Eugene Sanderson Jr and I was born and raised right here in Houston Texas USA!  I installed my first garage floor 16 years ago (in 2003) but I'm still excited about garage floors!

I fell in love with epoxy while being taught the science of resinous two part cast molds in my 8th grade shop class while at Bleyl Junior High School in Northwest Houston in the year 1996.  While the other 8th grade kids were making wooden pens on a lathe, and go-karts, I chose to make molds out of two part epoxy, it was love at first mold! 8 years later in 2003 I finally got that opportunity to mold epoxy onto a garage floor; I had been dreaming of this day ever since Junior High School! The Home Depot had just begun to sell garage flooring box kits and a friend of mine who owned a dry cleaners on Louetta Road in NW Houston paid me to install his floor with a Rustoleum Garage Flooring box kit. My first floor in 2003 was a huge success! His customers loved his new floor so much that they soon began to ask for my phone number! I struck dozens of deals because of that first floor! So after building some experience on several garage floors and acquiring the technique of throwing the chips into the floor in a uniform manner I stuck a sign on the side of Louetta Road in NW Houston that said Houston Garage Floors with my phone number on it, and I was in business!  

Eventually we moved up to Sherwin Williams commercial grade floor coatings (the very best) and then we perfected and "packaged" the garage floor after years of hands on experience!

"We didn't invent the garage floor, we just packaged it!"  TM

Let me tell you what to expect when you choose Houston Garage Floors:

1.  First of all: love bugs. That's right, love bugs are naturally attracted to the smell of floor coatings and will be observing our work from above. They are of no harm, the nature of these coatings attracts those sort of things. When you call or email you will speak to my mother Patty (we are a family business) she handles the contract, deposit, and scheduling so that I can be at your garage floor!

2. The first thing that we will do upon our arrival for installation is text you to let you know our eta. When we arrive we will place a giant 20 ft by 10 ft tarp over your driveway in front of your garage so that we do not spill anything on your driveway. We will then tape the door seal to your house shut from the inside of the garage to mitigate the smell of the coatings. You can and should lock the door that enters your home from the inside of your garage because we will never ask to enter your home. We take restroom brakes at the nearest gas station and we always bring an ice chest full of water. After we tape the edges of your lower walls, cabinets, or baseboards we will then start the grinding process. After the grinding is completed we will fill cracks and holes (Heavy Chip Floors only) and then we start the application. Our floors are usually completed in one day and we usually finish up around between 5-7pm. Heavy Chip Floors can be walked on in 2 hours and driven on in 8 hours. We will text you 1 hour before we finish.  

Thank YOU Houston!

-Donald Eugene Sanderson Jr

Cypress Creek High School 

Class of 2000

2001 -  Tomball College, Freshman Vice President of Campus Crusade for Christ

2002 - College of Biblical Studies

2003 - Installed my first garage floor and began installing garage floors professionally!

2006-2007 - Tallil (Ali), Iraq - I went to Iraq with KBR and worked on a US Air Force Base as a Project Controls Cost Specialist tracking the LOGCAP (Logistics & Civilian Augmentation Services) budget for Southern Iraq from an 18 wheeler construction trailer. It was super hot (up to 132 degrees) and we got attacked with rockets and mortars more times than I can remember. They often landed across the desert horizon with a light thud and pluming smoke stack. They less often but frequently landed within close site so that you could actually see the burst and feel the concussion. I got lucky one time and had an RPG go right over my head and leave a missile trail like a power line crossing the sky above as we were making our ways to the outdoor bunkers during a bombing raid. Besides the random Rocket and Mortar attacks Tallil (Ali Qarmat) was a pretty safe place except for the Sodium Dichromate (Pesticide) that we were also there to clean up. The Hexavalent Chromium had accidentally been burned in an open air burn pit before we got there and it was our job to clean up the mess. The powder was naturally airborne and it took a tole on my body after 10 months on base by literally burning a small hole in my left nostril (which most people mistake as a previous nose piercing that somehow just didn't heal) and it also significantly damaged the median nerves in both my arms making them inoperable after my first 10 months of working at the base due to the way the pesticide attacks your nervous system. I was flown back to Houston for 5 surgeries at the former Doctor Brown Hand Center which left massive scars and tissue loss in my inner arms.

2008 - Baghdad, Iraq - As soon as I was healed up from 6 months of surgeries and physical therapy on my arms I flew back to Iraq with KBR but this time I worked for the US Army in the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). I lived at the Army Base called Camp Victory/Liberty in the Green Zone and drove down Airport Highway (Route Irish) to Baghdad Airport daily where I worked as an Operations Specialist. Driving down the streets of Baghdad in an up-armored Chevy Suburban was of the most exciting and the most American things I have ever done! Unfortunately for me and my neck I significantly herniated two disks in my spine while working at the Airport and was flown back to Houston for 2 weeks of back and neck rehabilitation.

2009-2010 - I wanted to learn more about concrete so that my garage flooring business would be better for it so I went to Foreman Arkansas to help rebuild the Ashgrove Cement Plant with PCL Industrial Construction as a Project Controls Cost Engineer.  I installed garage floors on the weekends.

2010 - I Returned to Houston to continue my dream of growing Houston Garage Floors and helping the Widows of US Veterans at the same time! We donate $25 of your purchase to a US Veterans Widow on every floor!


When can we start?



A Family Business, Since 2003!

Owned by 3x Iraq War Civilian DOD Contractor

"We didn't invent the garage floor, we just packaged it!" tm

Here I am front-in-center next to Bleyl Jr High School at Matzke Park in NW Houston as a West Club Soccer Player in 1987! The year President Ronald Reagan said: "Tear Down This Wall!" 

Matzke Park Looks Totally

Different Now!

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