Only The Best!

6. Our floors are the thickest in the industry! With 75 pounds of decorative chips (15 gallons) for every 400 sq ft (two car garage) our floors are the absolute thickest in Houston!

7.  We conform to the Joint Surface Preparation Standards recommend by Sherwin Williams. These engineering standards outline concrete preparation requirements that must be followed to ensure that polymers will stick to concrete.

We make a Donation to a US Veterans Widow at on every project.


13.  The Houston Garage Floors van is covered in polymers to demonstrate that our floors are water tight and do not peel or wash off in high pressure car washes! Your floor can be washed off with the ease of a water hose! Now that is CLEAN!

"We didn't invent the garage floor, we just packaged it" TM


11.  We make a donation to a US Veterans Widows car repair at Gods Garage after every floor! Your floors purchase helps the widow of a US Veteran! Not only are we owned by a former US Airforce Iraq War Contrator but we are an official Sponsor of Gods Garage! Find out more on KHOU Houston Channel 11NBC Nightly News or People!

8.  We warranty our floors against hot tire pickup, even where your tires turn, for one full year!  Zero Dollar Deductible!

9.  We have a $1 Million Dollar General Liability Policy thru Farmers Insurance that protects you and your property!  Make sure you hire a company that has a viable insurance policy for the sake of your investment!  Feel free to contact Kimberley Hastings or Rudy Gonzalez with Farmers Insurance to verify our Liability Coverage! or with Farmers Insurance: (281) 369-4711



10. Because we are American Owned and Operated Business that NEVER hires illegal immigrants! Hiring illegal immigrants is not safe because they can not be properly screened and vetted. Hiring illegal immigrants is not only illegal but it is not safe!

why choose us?


12.  We respect your driveway and always use tarps to cover it! This small investment protects your driveway! Protecting our customers driveway is our policy!

3. We Fill ALL Cracks on our Heavy Chip Floors up to 1" Wide! 

WOW!!! NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! A $350 Value!

4.  We literally wrote to demonstrate our capacity!

Because if you can not explain something then you probably do not understand it!

5.  Because our Heavy Chip Urethane Floors Adhesion Strength is better than epoxy floors (141% better to be exact!) And they are stronger too (tensile strength 6,400 psi vs epoxy floors 3,527 psi) Download the Sherwin Williams Side By Side Test to see why we our stronger than epoxy floors! 


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1. We always diamond grind your garage floor and never acid wash which can burn your driveway permanently when being washed off the garage floor and down the driveway. Acid washing is not recommended because having water inside your concrete that could potentially rise upwards in the form of vapor is a problem you want to avoid, not create.

2.  Houston Garage Floors is #1 in Garage Floors because this is all we do!  See what real-life customers have said about our work at places like Facebook & Yelp! & Google!



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