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The Sherwin Williams Double Coat Special $1,595 (Limited Time)
"High Solids Epoxy with Clear Coat!" 

The Double Coat Special Flooring Package Includes:

  • Diamond Grinding Floor Preparation
  • Light Crack and Hole Filling
  • Primer Coat of Sherwin Williams High Solids Epoxy (5 mils thick)

  • Topcoat of Sherwin Williams High Solids Epoxy in Tan or Gray (5 mils thick)

  • Light or Medium Distribution of Decorative Chips in our Tan or Gray Blend (A light or medium distribution of chips means that the solid epoxy floor color underneath the chips will still be visible.  If you want your floor totally saturated with chips so that you do not see the epoxy coating underneath (for a quartz or granite look) then choose our Full Broadcast Chip Package found at Products and Services.)

  • Sherwin Williams Polyurethane Clear Coat Sealant

  • 3 Year Residential No-Peel Warranty

  • $4.50 per sq ft Installed
  • 2 Car Garage (up to 400 sq ft) Flat Rate Special - $1,595 INSTALLED!

  • 3 Car Garage (up to 600 sq ft) Flat Rate Special - $2,295 INSTALLED!

This floor is our Double Coat Special in tan with a medium distribution of chips, over a smooth concrete slab.

This floor is our Double Coat Special in gray with a medium distribution of chips. The decorative chips sink into the epoxy only leaving a small portion exposed above which provides grip for foot traffic.

This floor is called our "Full Broadcast Chip Package" because we fully broadcast chips into the wet epoxy before clear coating it.  Full Broadcast Packages are the best looking and most durable. 

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Question - How long does the floor coating installation take?

Answer - Most residential garage floors are installed in one or two days, weather permitting (epoxy cannot be installed in the rain, high humidity, etc.)

Question - Does my floor include a warranty that covers peeling?

Answer - Yes, our residential floor coatings include a 3 year warranty that protects you against peeling and hot-tire pickup.

Question - What brand of epoxy do you use?

Answer - We only use Sherwin Williams Industrial Floor Coatings.  You can see the technical data sheets on all of our floor coatings at Products and Services.

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More Details on The Double Coat Special are available at Products and Services.

Looking for the Granite/Terrazzo look?

Then choose the Full Broadcast Floor Package!

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