Distribution of chips + armorseal!    

$1,495 Installed!

  • Diamond Grinding Floor Preparation
  • NOW with ALL Crack Filling up to 1 inch wide and UNLIMITED LENGTH! A $350 Value! 
  • Primer Coat of Sherwin Williams Tile Clad High Solids Epoxy at 5 dry mils thick
  • Second Coat of Sherwin Williams Tile Clad High Solids Epoxy at 5 dry mils thick (in your choice of Tan or Grey)
  • A Light, Medium or Medium+ Distribution of Sherwin Williams Decorative Chips in the Tan or Grey blends
  • Sherwin Williams Armorseal Rexthane Clear Coat
  • 1 Year No-Peel Warranty!
  • Normally $3.95 per ft Installed: BUT NOW ON SALE!
  • 2 Car Garage Floors (Up to 400 sq ft) -  $1,495 INSTALLED (LIMITED TIME) Additional sq ft are $3.95 per sq ft
  • 3 Car Garage Floors (Up to 600 sq ft) -  $2,095 INSTALLED (LIMITED TIME)  Additional sq ft are $3.95 per sq ft

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"We didn't invent the garage floor, we just packaged it!" TM

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Or Grey

with a Medium density of Chips

2 Coats of Epoxy with a partial

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with a Medium+ density of Chips

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