Heavy Chip Polyaspartic (Urethane) Garage Flooring Package 

See The Details:

  • Floor preparation by real diamond blade grinding (The Golden Standard)
  • ALL Crack Filling included up to 1 inch wide & UNLIMITED LENGTH! We Fill ALL The Cracks!
  • Sherwin Williams 100% Polyaspartic GP4850 (Urethane) at 10 mils thick in your choice of Grey or Tan! GP4850 is an industrial grade urethane designed for heavy traffic use on machine shop floors, ships & power plants. This Urethane is Stronger than Epoxy (6,400 psi vs 3,527 psi) and Sticks to Concrete Better than Epoxy (425 psi vs 300 psi) CLICK HERE to See the Spec Sheets and it is flexible unlike epoxy so that it won't crack like epoxy does over existing cracks or when new concrete cracks develop! You should understand that ALL concrete cracks move when the temperature changes which can cause epoxy to buckle as seen in this video. CLICK HERE.
  • Super Heavy Saturation of Sherwin Williams Decorative Chips (12 mils thick) in your choice of 5 different chip blends! We use over 75 pounds of chips (15 gallons) for each 2 car garage so that the floor is absolutely saturated with chips and so that the chips go down deep into the coating so that your floor is as thick as possible! Our Heavy Chip Floors are so thick that we literally have to use snow shovels to pickup the excess chips after the floor is dry! WATCH THE VIDEO!
  • Clear Coat made of 100% Polyaspartic GP4850 (Urethane) at 10 mils thick! We Put the Clear Coat down so thick that we GUARANTEE your socks will not snag on the chips when you walk on the floor without shoes on! This is the BEST & MOST EXPENSIVE clear coat that Sherwin Williams sells! This floor is ready for foot traffic in 2 hours and FULL USE including vehicles in 12 hours! Yes, you can drive your car or truck on the floor in 12 hours from the time we apply the clear coat on this floor! WE GUARANTEE IT! 
  • 1 DAY INSTALLATION GUARANTEED! If we do not install this floor in 1 Day we will give you ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in CASH!!! WATCH us Install a Garage Floor in 1 Day HERE! (See Details about the 1 Day Guarantee on the bottom of the Work Order Agreement Here)
  • 10 Year No-Peel Limited Warranty!
  • This Floor is 32 Mils Thick! That is over 2x Thicker than Our Partial Chip Epoxy Floor which means it will last more than 2x longer because the more material you have between your feet and the floor, the longer it will take to wear it away. 

Download the Chip Colors Here or Have samples MAILED TO YOU!!! SEE Details! 


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the heavy chip polyaspartic (urethane) floor package including crack filling
$2,495 2 Car Garages (up to 400 ft)
$3,695 3 Car Garages (UP TO 600 FT)
$6.50 per ft thereafter

2 Car Garage - $2,495 (up to 400 sq ft) This is $105 OFF!
$6.50 per sq ft thereafter (Credit Card Convenience Fee's waived FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

3 Car Garage - $3,695 (up to 600 sq ft) This is $205 OFF!
$6.50 per sq ft thereafter (Credit Card Convenience Fee's waived FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

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The Partially chipped epoxy 
garage floor package
$1,495 (2 Car Garages up to 400 sq ft & $4.50 per ft thereafter)

​​​​The Partially Chipped (Flaked)  Epoxy Floor Coating Package:

(Partially chipped means the coating is only partially covered with chips. We offer a Heavy Chip Flooring Package further below.)

2 Car Garages - $1,495 (up to 400 sq ft) $4.50 per ft thereafter

-Diamond Blade Floor Grinding
-Primer of Epoxy (Isopoxy 309FS) at 8 mils thick in Tan or Grey 
-A light or medium quantity of decorative chips (flakes) in your choice of 6 Different Color Blends (Click HERE to see the Color Blends)
-Sherwin Williams 100% Polyaspartic (Urethane) Clear Coat at 7 mils thick
-2 Hour Dry Time For Light Foot Traffic & 72 Hours (3 Days) for Vehicles. We offer a faster drying floor further below.

-We offer floors with and without crack filling; because this floor contains epoxy which is NOT a flexible product like polyaspartic urethane is, this particular package is not suitable for concrete floors with cracks as the epoxy would be prone to cracking since all concrete cracks move as the temperature changes from day to night as seen here...


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GodsGarage.org fixes cars for free for women in need. When you choose us you are not only helping us and our family but also homeless ladies, disabled ladies & widows. Choose Your Favorite News Network below to see what Pastor Chris Williams started almost a decade ago and then please consider choosing us so that we can keep paying it forward. But even if you don't choose us, you can donate to GodsGarage.org directly HERE.